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A Course on the Fundamentals

Your golf game is BUILT on a good set-up – Grip, Posture, Stance, Ball Position and Aim

You CAN do this!

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Looking Good Starts HERE!

Don’t get me wrong this is not about vanity…but looking the part of a good golfer gets results!

are you ready?

I have a little golf pro confession

You could save a ton of money on instruction, a ton of time practicing, and a ton of wasted golf shots on the course…if you just spent a few minutes checking how you set-up to the ball.

My story on this…

When I first started playing golf for a living (aka, praying to make a three foot putt to pay for gas to drive to the next tournament), I relied on my coaches when I struggled.  Yes…golf pros have golf pros.

I was so lucky to hang out with some amazing pros and to practice at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club in Orlando in between tournaments but it was a long way from my coach. Sometimes because of travel schedules, weeks would go by before I could get a lesson.

Permed Kathy & Arnie
X-mas at Bay Hill

When we finally got together, I would expect my errant shots to be a result of some horrific new move I magically created that would require me to hit 1000’s of practice balls to correct. But nope. A vast majority of the time, it was my aim. I would be aimed too far to the right.

By aiming right, I lost consistency, distance, control and confidence! It took about 10 practice balls aimed correctly for me to start hitting it well again.

How could it be that simple?

Actually it wasn’t always just my aim. One time my grip was turned too far to the left. The next time I was too far from the ball. Ugh! It was so frustrating. That is until I figured out how NOT to rely on my golf pro but rather dedicate myself to preventing it from happening again – or at least much less.

This is what golf pros do:

  1. They check their grip, posture, aim, ball position and stance every golf shot.
  2. They have a defined pre-shot routine that ensures they reproduce #1 every time.
  3. They do all of this to minimize bad shots.
  4. They BUILD their golf swing from a good set-up.

This is what most amateurs do:

  1. NOT the above.

Aiming Matters

Sometimes I can’t believe I have to remind students of this but it is SUPER hard to hit a target if you don’t aim.

Confessed Poor Aimer
aka Suzie Sand

If you aim in the trees down the right side of the hole and hit it in the trees down the right side of the hole, that was a great shot. Your aim was just bad.

If you consistently aim in the trees, you will figure out how to get that ball back down the middle of the hole with pure hand-eye coordination. The consequence though is an ugly looking motion that loses power, balance and consistency.

Do that long enough you are now the proud owner of a bad swing habit that can take a lot of work to fix.

This can happen with any one of your fundamentals.


Every lesson I give starts with checking my student’s grip, posture, aim, stance and ball position because chances are THAT is where the struggle begins. And this can help you…

Minimize Mistakes

The more consistently you set-up to the ball. The more consistent your golf.

More Distance

Can’t seem to get distance? Start with your grip and posture.  They can suck the power out of your swing if not correct.


If you set-up different every time you will get a different result every time. It is as simple as that.

Ball in the Air

Struggle to get your ball in the air or to get height? It could simply be your ball position.

New Golfer

You start here. You have to learn how to hold the club and stand over the ball before you take your first swing. This will fast track your progress and learn how to do it properly from day one.


Most people know what a “good” golfer looks like. When I take a picture of my student’s before and after a lesson, they always say “oh that looks so much better.”

Can you tell here?

The changes above may look minor but both ladies struggled to make good contact with the ball until they changed their posture.

I joke all the time about how I want my students to look good when they play golf. I want them to look the part of a golfer. Not what they wear but how they look standing over the ball (and how they look when they finish the swing but that is a different lesson).


 Build iT – A Course in Fundamentals
Inside the course there are 4 Modules and Over 30 lessons

 and this is

 The Most Empowering Part!

Anyone can do this!

Not everyone is going to have an amazing natural golf swing BUT everyone can put their hands on correctly, stand over the ball athletically, aim properly and position the ball in the right spot every time…that is in your control. It takes no amazing skill – just thought.

The more consistently you set-up the less bad shots you produce. It is as simple as that.

Most golf SWING STRUGGLES START with a set-up error.

With the Build iT Course, you can review your own set-up without having to pay a Golf Pro to fix you each time.

Now, I am not saying it is ALWAYS and ONLY your set-up but I am saying you ALWAYS have to start there.

I can’t tell you how many times students have come to see me after playing poorly for weeks expecting some horrible diagnosis and all they needed was a set-up tweak.

Bottom line:

I want more people to play golf, succeed at golf, enjoy golf and if you look good…even better. But above all, I want more people to say:


What’s included?

Everything you need to get set-up to play well and look great!

Lesson 1. Grasping the Club -- Your Grip.

The only connection with the golf club is through your hands. If not placed on the club properly, your grip can adversely affect both direction and distance. I go into great detail with the grip in short, separate videos so it’s easy to digest. In my opinion, there’s no “close enough” when it comes to your grip. I check my grip every time I play; it’s a good habit for all golfers to get into!  6 INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS including three infographics for you to print and take with you to the course.

Lesson 2. Standing Over the Ball -- Your Posture.

How you stand over the ball is critical. It sets the foundation for making an athletic, powerful motion throughout your swing. The good news is that you can practice all of this while standing in front of a mirror, in line at the bank, or your living room. 4 Instructional VIDEOS plus a checklist for you to print and take to the course so you remember the key points. 

Lesson 3. Positioning the Ball and Width of Stance

Knowing where to place the ball in your stance with each club is critical for hitting consistently solid shots. Discover easy methods to position the ball in the correct spot with each swing. 2 Instructional VIDEOS and one that you will want to review again and again. 

Lesson 4: Aiming Your Club and Your Body

Well…in golf we have a target and it is pretty small. Knowing how to aim makes life so much easier, keeps your ball on the golf course and prevent bad habits! 2 Instructional VIDEOS plus another take from a Tour Player in Bonuses.

Kathy is by far the best instructor I’ve ever worked with. Kathy translates her expertise as a pro into techniques students can easily understand and incorporate into their own game. She’s given me the confidence to continue pursuing the game of golf.

Laura B.  Student Extraodanaire

3 Amazing Bonuses to Help Take Your Game to the Next Level

What Do I Do With My Boobs?

Even though they come in all different sizes, “your girls” can still get in the way if you don’t handle them at address.  This video shows you the best way to set-up to the ball and prevent swing compensations.

Aiming: A Tour Player's Advice to Amateurs

It is interesting to see how a Tour Player describes aim, his observations with amateurs and how important he perceives some of the fundamentals.

Practicing the Right Way

Well…practice makes perfect they say. And golf is no exception. BUT, how you practice can fast-track your game improvement. Don’t waste time doing the wrong thing or as I say “treading water.” You work really hard but don’t get any better. Practice the right way!

Who is it for?

Well…pretty much anyone who golfs!

The "Newbie" of any age

You are just getting started and don't know much.

The "Experienced Beginner" have played but you really haven't had much instruction

"Seasoned Golfer"

You play with a weekly group but just aren't getting any better! And maybe frustrated.

You Build Your Golf Game Around a Solid Foundation. It’s That Simple.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the course!

Wait...Who the heck ARE you?

Great question and glad you asked!  Click this link to check out my story.  

How will I know that I am doing it all properly?

With appropriate videos, I give you specific checks to make sure you are doing it all properly. I also tell you how to practice. If you follow the instructions, you will have a fantastic foundation to play great golf. I never, however, discourage private lessons if you can afford them.

What if I have physical limitations?

Well, I am going to tell you that you need to get your Doctor’s approval for sure. After you are cleared by your Doctor, nothing I teach you should ever cause you pain or discomfort. Yet if you are uncomfortable there are a few things to consider:

  • you are probably squeezing the heck out of the club which causes tension and makes moving freely dang near impossible.
  • you are probably trying to hard and forcing positions which leads back to you are squeezing the club to hard.
  • read the Bonus material on 6 Golf Myths.
  • take a smaller swing until you can get the hang of what you are doing – it gets easier the more you rehearse.
My husband thinks he can teach me all of this. Is he right?

I get asked this question all the time. Would you take medical advice from your accountant? Or legal advice from your auto mechanic? Nothing against your husband, but unless he is a golf pro and has experience teaching, I would tell you no.

Good teaching professionals have worked for years fine-tuning how best to evaluate swings and communicate the appropriate course of action. There is a huge difference between executing and communicating how to execute. Most advice you receive from an amateur, no matter how low the handicap, is likely to be his or her own medicine. So proceed with caution.

I just want to hit the ball, is this really important?

Well, that depends on if you have a bunch of time on your hands to waste…or spend being frustrated. If you want to get better FASTER, you start with how you hold the club and how you stand over the ball…and you have to do it consistently. If you hold the club like a baseball bat and stand over the ball like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, your are going to struggle to find the ball…plus you aren’t gonna look very good!

I can assure you this, even Tour Players check their Fundamentals EVERY time they play.  If they don’t, they know that they’ll spend a bunch of time correcting swing errors and bad moves that manifest from poor fundamentals.

So in a nutshell, yea…I think this is pretty important stuff.


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What sort of Guarantee do we offer?

We offer a 30 DAY ABSOLUTELY-NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED GUARANTEE! If within the first month  you really feel that this course isn’t a good fit for you, we will give your money back…no questions asked. Doesn’t get much better than that!

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See What My Students are Saying!

I can’t thank Kathy enough for not just teaching me the basics, but the special pro tricks to improve my game. I started three years ago as a brand new golfer. I didn’t even know which club to use!  I have decreased my handicap by 18 strokes thanks to Kathy’s invaluable coaching. She breaks down the lesson, gives practical advice in a way that makes it fun and easy to understand. I call Kathy my golf therapist.

Chau S.

Kathy Wood offers up the fundamentals of golf with a rare combination of insight and humor that I’ve gleaned from few other instructors or coaches. As a lifelong competitive athlete who has trained in many different settings, she is a standout! Kathy crystalizes key concepts of the game and presents them in ways that have kept me learning, improving and coming back for more.

Jenn A.


Golf Starts Here
$147 Lifetime Access

Special Offer

Build-iT Course
Full Details

NO RISK. 30 Day Guarantee

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