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Learn the game of golf without setting foot on a golf course!

This is good news if you are intimidated by the getting started

You CAN do this!

You are NOT Alone

If you’re a total beginner in golf, you’re probably feeling a little embarrassed at the idea of learning how to play.

Holding a club feels awkward Swinging a club just isn’t natural How will I possibly remember all the rules? I am going to totally miss the ball I am gonna look like an idiot I don’t know where to go Golf lingo? No clue!

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ready to go!

And, if you’re already feeling embarrassed, you probably don’t want to go to a golf course surrounded by people who already know what they’re doing to learn how to play.

By the time you get to the course, you want to be familiar with the basics.

      • You want to know how to hold a club.
      • You want to know the basics of how to swing the club.
      • You want to know what to do when you arrive at the course.
      • You want to know how to operate a golf cart (hopefully without injuring anyone!)
      • You want to understand the basic terms in golf.
      • You want to be on top of some basic etiquette.

Valet-cartstaging   You want to walk onto the green with a certain amount of confidence, so you can save your questions for the more advanced techniques, right?

The good news is that you can prepare for your first day on the golf course with my Try iT Course: A Crash Course in Golf.

This easy-to-follow video course is available for instant download and covers:

      • How to find a FREE or low-cost golf club for practicing.
      • A basic golf equipment guide.
      • Grip and swing basics so you can practice in your backyard.
      • Golf club “ride along” where you ride along with me as we arrive at the golf course, check your bag, learn how to navigate the locker room and more.
      • How to operate a golf cart.
      • Discover the anatomy of a golf hole – all the basic terminology you need to sound like you know what you’re talking about!
      • Basic hole etiquette – what to do with the flag, when to take off your glove and more! Golf doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

range - left hander

If you’ve always wanted to join your spouse or friends on the golf course, but you feel embarrassed or overwhelmed at the idea of starting from scratch….

If you want to attend a business golf outing or meet a client on the golf course and need to learn the basics ASAP…Click below for

Try iT – A Crash Course on Golf

what’s included?

 3 EASY lessons to make you Comfortable, get you Confident and leave you Craving More!

Swinging Basics

In this video you learn how to grip and swing a golf club. You can learn this in the privacy of your own home before you ever set foot on the golf course!

What To Expect at the Golf Course

Feeling intimidated about what to expect your first time at a club? Ride along with me as I walk you through arrival, the locker room…and even how to operate a golf cart!

Anatomy of a Golf Hole

Learn all the basic terminology and geography of a golf course, basic game play and insider etiquette that no one ever talks about (but experienced golfers expect)!

“After this course, I had the confidence to go to the course and practice and play on my own.”

and there’s more


Your Guide to a Great Grip

Your grip on your club is one of the most important aspects of learning to play. This handy visual guide shows you exactly how you should be gripping your club for the best results in your swing.

Golf Equipment for Beginners

There’s no need for expensive clubs when you’re just starting out. This cheat sheet will show you how to find a free (or low cost) club to help you learn grip, swing and posture from the privacy of your own backyard. When you’re ready to upgrade to a set of clubs, this equipment guide will help you know exactly what you need to buy or rent.

How to Carry Your Bag (like a veteran)

This may seem simple but I consistently watch new students struggle with carrying their bag. Looking the part (of a golfer), builds comfort and confidence. Plus, there is a shot that all of the clubs can fall out of your bag if not done properly!

who is this for?

New Golfers like these ladies…

The Company Outing is Next Month - er

you've told yourself for years that you were going to take up the game only to watch the boss invite everyone in the office BUT you to play in the company outing!

The Not-Sure-This-is-For-You - er

Husband plays, friends play, BUT not sure this is my sport. So I will try it


You are too intimidating to head to the course and Embarrass yourself and the Guy Golf Pros are intimidating

Golf can be intimidating to get started. This Course takes the FEAR out of the game.

You CAN do this!

Here are some frequently asked questions about the course!

Wait...Who the heck ARE you?

Great question and glad you asked!  Click this link to check out my story.  

What if I have physical limitations?

Well, I am going to tell you that you need to get your Doctor’s approval for sure. After you are cleared by your Doctor, nothing I teach you should ever cause you pain or discomfort. Yet if you are uncomfortable there are a few things to consider:

  • you are probably squeezing the heck out of the club which causes tension and makes moving freely dang near impossible.
  • you are probably trying to hard and forcing positions which leads back to you are squeezing the club to hard.
  • take a smaller swing until you can get the hang of what you are doing – it gets easier the more you rehearse.
How do I know what clubs to use?

To get started, you really only need a practice club. You’ll receive a bonus cheat sheet to help you find a practice club for free (or very low cost).

My husband thinks he can teach me all of this. Is he right?

I get asked this question all the time. Would you take medical advice from your accountant? Or legal advice from your auto mechanic? Nothing against your husband, but unless he is a golf pro and has experience teaching, I would tell you no. Good teaching professionals have worked for years fine-tuning how best to evaluate swings and communicate the appropriate course of action. There is a huge difference between executing and communicating how to execute. Most advice you receive from an amateur, no matter how low the handicap, is likely to be his or her own medicine. So proceed with caution.

Great but what should I do after this Course to keep learning?

Super question! I have a more broad course that covers all the shots in golf that you will hear discussed in the video. Plus I dig into more detail about the golf swing and keep it all super simple and dependable so that you can get out and start playing ASAP! You can check that course out HERE


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You can’t get ONE golf lesson from a reputable golf pro for that price!

You’ll receive instant access to all 3 lessons and can pause and replay them as often as you need to for maximized learning.

30 DAY Guarantee! WOOT!

Is there a Guarantee?

We offer a 30 DAY ABSOLUTELY-NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED GUARANTEE! If within the first month you really feel that you didn’t get your money’s worth, we will give your money back…no questions asked. Doesn’t get much better than that!


Let's do it!
$47 one-time payment, lifetime access

This is a limited time offer

Try iT: A Crash Course in Golf
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NO RISK. 30 Day Guarantee

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See What My Students are Saying!

Kathy is by far the best instructor I’ve ever worked with. My game has improved tremendously thanks to her.  Kathy translates her expertise as a pro into techniques students can easily understand and incorporate into their own game. Her approach is tailored to the individual, from beginner to expert.  Kathy’s enthusiasm for the game is contagious, creating a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning an often frustrating sport! She’s given me the confidence to continue pursuing the game of golf.

Laura B.

Last year as a new golfer I was barely able to hit the ball, understand the rules of golf, or golf course etiquette. Since starting with Kathy, I have progressed to playing with friends and in tournaments. I am enjoying golf because of Kathy’s instructions and finding success on the golf course. Thank you Kathy, I appreciate all you have done and continue to do for me.

Judy L.


Let's do it!
$47 one-time payment, lifetime access

This is a limited time offer

Try iT: A Crash Course in Golf
Full Details

NO RISK. 30 Day Guarantee

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